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Working With The Windsor Workshop

At Epal Engineering, we specialise in the precision engineering of components for all sorts of sectors. We’ve worked across many key industries in the UK, including the scientific, motorsports, aerospace, and defence industries. However, we also work with customers across a wide range of smaller, more niche industries, to supply them with the precision components that they can’t source anywhere else. Many of these customers come to us directly. They have small or medium sized businesses, and a problem that requires the sort of solution that we can manufacture for them using our range of high-tech, precision equipment on site in West Sussex. One such client was James Mursell from The Windsor Workshop. Here, we’ll tell you a bit more about working with The Windsor Workshop and how we helped James solve a problem for his unique business.

What does The Windsor Workshop do?

The Windsor Workshop

The Windsor Workshop was set up by James Mursell to teach the art of Windsor chair making. He set it up after learning the craft with Mike Dunbar, one of America’s leading experts, and subsequently becoming a full-time professional chairmaker. This came about after graduating with a degree in Botany from Cambridge, working for Tate & Lyle in America, and then working as a commercial fruit grower for fifteen years! Today, he teaches chair making courses out of his purpose-built workshop on his farm in West Sussex, as well as selling chairmaking tools from his online shop.

On a chair making course with The Windsor Workshop, students spend five days creating an elegant Windsor chair, using traditional techniques and hand tools. It is in the creation of one of these hand tools, a travisher, that Epal Engineering started working with The Windsor Workshop and James Mursell. A travisher is a very important tool for any chairmaker. It’s used for shaping chair seats, in order to make them more comfortable for the user to sit on by creating the dips in the seat. James came up with his own specialist travisher design, that he believed would offer an improvement to other designs currently on the market. He then approached us at Epal Engineering, and that’s how we began working with him.

Epal Engineering working with The Windsor Workshop


James came to us with a wooden model of what he wanted his travisher to look like. He found that he couldn’t find one for sale that was as good as he thought he could make, so why not have a go at making one himself? As it was his own design, it was very important to him that the finished product was just right. From his initial model, we created a CAD model of what a potential finished travisher could look like. After perfecting this model, we manufactured a prototype for James to use. Then, he went away to actually use it in his chairmaking, and see what needed to be perfected to make it the best it possibly could be. 

He brought back his thoughts and from there, we worked with him to create a prototype that has all of the features that James wanted. We were able to use our specialised equipment and technology to produce this complicated tool and continuously perfect it until it was just right and true to James’ vision. The finished tool was incredibly sturdy and made out of only the best, weighty materials. It was designed to last a lifetime of chairmaking and offer the sort of real quality that James couldn’t find anywhere else on the market. Once he was happy with the finished prototype, James went away to manufacture it for market and put it up for sale in his shop for other chairmakers to purchase and enjoy the high quality tool. 

Working with The Windsor Workshop in order to perfect James Mursell’s deluxe travisher was a real pleasure. We firmly believe that the finished product offers the sort of high quality that other travishers don’t. As a result, it helps chairmakers, both beginners and experts, to craft better chairs. You can find out more about what James does via his business and the range of chairmaking tools that he sells by clicking here.

How can we help you?

Working with The Windsor Workshop is just one of the many projects that we’ve worked on with our customers. Our machining services have proved popular with customers in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and throughout the UK. From wire erosion to tooling, we have a wide range of specialised machinery and software that means we can carry out even the most complex of jobs on a subcontract or individual basis! And, we have a true passion for everything that we do, ensuring that each and every customer gets a high quality end result and amazing service from start to finish. 

No job is too large, small, or complicated for our talented team of engineers. So, whether you’re looking to manufacture one small part or a larger project, we can support you with everything from initial drawings all the way through to assembly and finishing! This includes our full design service to help you bring your ideas to life. And, we also offer a comprehensive guarantee that all of the work we carry out will be delivered on time and meet all of your specifications to the highest standard. To find out more about us and how we can help you, please visit our website by clicking here, or give us a call on 01903 744352 to discuss your needs. 

Epal Engineering

Here at Epal Engineering we are really proud of what we do. We are passionate about doing the best job for all of our clients and working to an extremely high standard to make sure they get exactly want they require.

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