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Working With Kerrywhistles

Here at Epal Engineering, we are used to working on some unusual projects. It’s in the nature of the work we do, as we have specialised equipment and capabilities that often, very few other companies have access to in the UK. We specialise in the precision engineering of high quality, bespoke components for a whole range of purposes. Lots of our customers are actually other engineering firms, who come to us because of the high-tech specialist equipment that we have access to. But, many of them are simply those individuals or companies who have an idea that they want to bring to life, and need our help to make that happen. That’s exactly what happened with Phil Hardy, owner of Working with Kerrywhistles has been a real pleasure, and we’re proud to have developed a partnership that has allowed Phil to grow his business and supply a great product. In this post, we’ll be telling you a bit more about the experience.

What do Kerrywhistles do? 

Through his company, Phil Hardy has supplied a range of high quality low whistles since 1992. Based on the idea of the traditional tin whistle, a low whistle produces a distinctive sound that can be used to create some truly beautiful melodies. The first modern low whistle was produced in 1971 by English flute maker and musician Bernard Overton after fellow musician Finbar Furey’s Indian bamboo whistle was destroyed while on tour. As a result, Overton tried to recreate it in metal. From there, he perfected the instrument and eventually gave up his job in order to hand-make them full time. Since the modern low whistle’s inception, many different varieties have been produced all over the world, including those by Kerrywhistles. And, the unique sound that these instruments produce are loved by many.

A range of instruments that play at different octaves are available on the Kerrywhistles shop to suit all sorts of players. You can find out more about them by visiting their website by clicking here

Epal Engineering working with Kerrywhistles


So, how have we played a part in the creation of Kerrywhistle?  Well, it all started back when the owner, Phil Hardy, came to visit our factory with his whistles. He needed some precision engineering help to get them as good as they possibly could be. We were, of course, more than happy to oblige and work with him on perfecting his product. In order to ensure that Phil and his customers at Kerrywhistles received a top quality product, we had to work on several things together. These included perfecting the design, making the whistles more reliable, and overall providing Phil with a better manufacturing process.

As with Bernard Overton and his original modern low whistle, the Kerrywhistles version needed to go through a number of stages and variations before it could become perfect. For example, when we first started producing the whistles, around one in five didn’t work correctly. Most of these simply didn’t make the right sound. However, we worked to improve our processes over time, and now all of the whistles sound the same and as they should. Producing a whistle that sounds perfect is a difficult process that requires the sort of specialist equipment that we have here at Epal Engineering. Without the sort of equipment that we can utilise, it’s unlikely that Kerrywhistles would ever have been able to achieve a product that is as high quality and perfect-sounding as they currently are. And, we believe that we’ve been doing something right, as our contract with Kerrywhistles is ongoing, with us now producing around ten different varieties of low whistles for them, and several hundred each month. It’s clear that musicians from all over the UK and beyond love the instruments that Kerrywhistles sell. Here at Epal Engineering, we are proud to be a part of that success!  

Can Epal Engineering help you? 

Working with Kerrywhistles is just one of the many specialist projects that we’ve been involved in over our more than thirty years in business. We’ve worked with companies in Hampshire, East and West Sussex, Surrey, and throughout the UK to offer a complete subcontract machining service. We pride ourselves on the passion that we pour into each and every project, providing all of our customers with solutions that they can’t find anywhere else. These include wire erosion machining and the wire EDM machining of precision components, complex moulds, and tools. No job is too big or too small- quite literally, as we work on everything from tiny parts to large tools! And, we have all the knowledge and expertise needed to help you with your ideas and products. 

Have an idea in mind but not sure how to bring it to life? We also offer a complete design service to help you with the perfect tool, component, or product. And, with our comprehensive guarantee, you can be assured that your project will be delivered on time and to the highest possible standard. 

To find out more about us, what we do, and how we can help you, please visit our website by clicking here, or get in touch with one of our engineers today on 01903 744352.

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Here at Epal Engineering we are really proud of what we do. We are passionate about doing the best job for all of our clients and working to an extremely high standard to make sure they get exactly want they require.

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