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Working With Noztek

At Epal Engineering, we pride ourselves on working with a wide range of customers on all sorts of engineering projects. We have worked on all sorts of components across industries such as electronics, motorsport, scientific, aerospace, and marine sectors. And, a big part of what we do involves working on a subcontract basis with other engineering and manufacturing firms. Many of these firms are highly specialised in what they do, but they just need access to Epal’s range of machinery and equipment to carry out one specific job or manufacture a certain component that allows them to do their jobs. One such company that we work with is Noztek. In this post, we’ll tell you a little more about working with Noztek, this interesting firm, and how we have helped them to continue to innovate in their own niche sector. 

What does Noztek do?

The concept of 3D printing, where an object seems to come out of nowhere with the use of some clever technology, has become more and more prominent in recent years. Whereas once, 3D printing was highly expensive and reserved only for a select few people who had access to the technology, it is now becoming more and more accessible to all sorts of businesses and even individuals! Noztek supplies extruders, which are a vital part of the 3D printing process. But what exactly are they? Well, for a 3D printer to make the 3D objects, they use plastic filament. This is fed through the extruder and ejected out of it in some form of liquid in order to be layered into the shape that eventually becomes the finished product. 

From working with Noztek, we have learned that their customers come from a range of different industries such as the pharmaceutical sector. Many of these companies are looking to utilise Nozteks’ extruders in order to make their own unique filaments for their projects. As a part of this, they will use the extruders to test prototypes of different plastics and additions to see what effects these have on their 3D printing. The uses for such a product are varied and exciting; who knows what we might see being 3D printed in the future?


Working with Noztek: what did we do?

We have been working in partnership with Noztek for a number of years now, to help them perfect their extruders so that they can continue to serve their customers with this innovative product. If you visit the Noztek website, you will see that they supply a range of different products and options. And, Epal Engineering has worked with them to perfect a number of them. To start, Noztek will come to us with an idea of what they want to do and the sort of product their customers are looking for. We then work with them, using our vast knowledge base and specialised machinery, to make prototypes and develop them until they are just right for Noztek and their customers’ needs. Currently, we manufacture many of the parts for the extruders, allowing Noztek to sell high quality products that they know are exactly fit for purpose. By working with Noztek, each of the companies can use their specific skill sets and equipment to produce and sell extruders that work well for a whole range of industries, businesses, and needs. 

How can we help you?

Here at Epal Engineering, we have worked on a huge range of specialised projects with our customers, just like Noztek. We supply machining services in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and across the UK to businesses and individuals who are in need of our wide range of services. Offering everything from CNC milling and turning to wire erosion, tooling, and assembly, we can work with you on a subcontract or individual basis, whatever your needs may be. And, we believe that our true passion for the work we do shines through in every project, ensuring that you get a great outcome every time. This is also reflected in our comprehensive guarantee that promises we will deliver exactly what you need, on time, and to the best possible standard.

Our team of engineers are equipped with all of the skills to take on jobs both large and small. We’re comfortable working with the toughest metals down to the most delicate materials. So, no matter what sort of project you’re looking for, we can help every step of the way, from initial ideas all the way through to finishing and quality checks. This even includes design services if you have an idea you want to bring to life, but aren’t sure how to best go about it. To learn more about suand how we can help you, please visit our website by clicking here, or why not give us a call on 01903 74435?

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Here at Epal Engineering we are really proud of what we do. We are passionate about doing the best job for all of our clients and working to an extremely high standard to make sure they get exactly want they require.

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