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6 Benefits of Buying Turned Components from the UK

The manufacturing industry in the UK has seen a recent swing in popularity with many workers opting to buy their parts locally. Beforehand, many chose to get their parts imported from different markets.

The current situation across the globe with the pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives and this has also been true within the manufacturing sector. This drastic change to business operations across the UK has allowed people to see the unique benefits of buying their parts locally. It has been proven that there are many reasons to support local precision engineering companies.

What are Turned Parts?

Also known as machined components, turned components from the UK are created via the process of turning. This process is usually carried out by computer numerical control (CNC). CNC by the use of a metal rod that is rotated whilst a cutting tool is held against the stock in order to create the finished product. 

Machined parts are used and depended upon on a daily basis. They can range from very simple to more intricate designs. A few benefits of machined parts is that they are easily customisable and time-efficient as the parts are often pre-engineered and easily assembled. 

Whatever you are manufacturing, machined parts are a common component of daily life. They play a vital role within any industrial set up whether it be medical or electronic, machined parts require a great deal of dedication and expertise. 

However, with this being established what are the benefits of buying turned parts locally?

A Low Carbon Footprint – Turned Components from the UK 

The ongoing climate crisis across the globe has caused many businesses to consider how they should take action for a greener future. By purchasing turned parts locally, can have a considerable positive impact on your global footprint. The reason for this is that less distance will be required for the products to be delivered to you.

A low carbon footprint can also serve as a great reflection of the ethics of your company which is something customers are becoming increasingly more aware of. Many customers will appreciate your companies dedication to sustainability. 

Having a lower carbon footprint can also reflect greatly on a companies’ brand as it presents them as one that cares about the environment and takes responsibility in being a facilitator of change. 

turned components from the UK


The UK is well known for its dedication to quality when manufacturing different products. This is no different for the production of turned parts with manufacturers holding themselves to the highest standard in order to supply items that will satisfy the customer. UK manufacturers have a built reputation for being highly professional and reliable. 

For high-strain industries such as aerospace, there is a need for items to be long-lasting and robust. For industries such as this, the consequences of mistakes associated with part failure can be hugely damaging. This is why it is of utmost importance that you work with companies you know you can trust for supplying parts. 

An additional benefit to buying turned parts from the UK is that it is easier to visit the facility in which the parts are being produced. This can be hugely beneficial as you can see first hand the quality control which will allow you to decide easier whether you trust the company as one to work with. 


When purchasing turned components from the UK,  it is essential to work with a provider that can handle any variants in what you require. This can also be seen as another benefit of buying your parts locally as manufacturers abroad may struggle in this regard. This may be as they might refuse to produce smaller quantities of items. Additionally, with shipping costs potentially being quite high, you may often find yourself in a position where you have to order more than is actually needed. 

On the other hand, buying your turned parts from the UK can simplify this process. This is as there is a greatly reduced cost of shipping and more freedom in ordering items of all shapes and sizes. 

Thus you will be able to maintain peace of mind knowing that you will be able to order turning parts according to your own budget and not have this affected by external factors that are out of your control. 

Increased Control 

As we have previously mentioned, buying precision-engineered products abroad can leave you with a considerable lack of control. A supplier may set minimum order amounts or you may have shipping delays. Factors such as these can have major impacts on projects and can have serious implications for your business. 

The UK supplied turned parts on the other hand offer a much simpler solution. By ordering turning parts from the UK you will be able to maintain control over the number of components and stipulate a deadline for projects to be completed. 

UK companies may also be able to provide more flexibility. This may be important where your requirements are suddenly in need of changing. This will also allow you greater peace of mind, knowing that work is being carried out in accordance with your needs. 


It is of utmost importance when purchasing your turned parts that you are able to communicate effectively what you want.  Less direct forms of communication such as email can be more difficult as it can be harder to build a rapport with your manufacturer. Using UK companies on the other hand can allow you to build stronger relationships that can last as the line of communication is more simple. 

For this reason, many businesses may return to the same suppliers for future services. The built trust gained through consistent communication gives businesses the peace of mind that their chosen manufacturing companies can be relied upon. 

Fewer Costs

A key part of business success is knowing exactly where money is being spent and cutting unnecessary costs. This can become an issue though when working with suppliers overseas. 

There are several unexpected charges you may be hit with such as exchange rates and import taxes. In addition, VAT and Customs Duty can cause further complications if you have purchased more than you first initially required. 

By purchasing turning parts in the UK, you can be in complete control of your spendings. This means you can worry less on hidden charges and keep to your own budget. 

Key Takeaways 

When purchasing turned components from the UK,  there are several benefits that shopping locally will have to offer you. Firstly buying parts locally can be beneficial in supporting a greener more sustainable future as less travel is required to have parts delivered. Not having to have parts imported from overseas will also help reduce costs for your company. 

You will also be able to achieve better communication which will help allow you peace of mind in knowing that operations are being carried out according to the guidelines you have requested. 

Furthermore, you will receive greater versatility as you will not have as many restrictions that come about with minimum order amounts and other uncontrollable factors. In addition to this, you will also be able to have greater flexibility which will be hugely beneficial if you suddenly have to make changes to your order. 

Covid- 19 Considerations

It’s no secret that the current situation that continues to affect many across the globe with the pandemic has caused major changes in how businesses may operate. A benefit of this for precision engineering is that many people are now starting to realise the clear benefits of buying parts locally. 

However, another aspect that should be taken into account here is that by using UK suppliers, everyone benefits as UK businesses benefit from customers not looking overseas for goods. This in turn aids the UK economy as a whole. 

How Can I Ensure I Pick the Right Supplier?

We have now covered why it can be extremely beneficial to purchase turning parts from the UK you may be left with a very important question to answer. How do I pick a supplier? 

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