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Industrial engineer services: Why use a subcontractor for your component?

Small, medium or large – organisations of any size may have to call upon a subcontractor for industrial services at any given time. 

So, exactly why use a subcontractor for your component? Whether it’s to improve performance, fulfil a large order or use high specification machinery unavailable in-house, there are a variety of reasons (and advantages) in opting for an external supplier. 

A specialist precision engineering firm will be adept at fulfilling highly specific orders, experienced in meeting strict component requirements. The Epal Engineering team have been working within the industrial services industry for over 30 years, earning a reputation as a first-class specialist subcontractor. 

In today’s article, we’ll be outlining a few of the most common reasons why you might consider hiring a specialist external supplier for your next project. 

Why use a subcontractor for your component?

Usually, a subcontractor will carry out work that a contractor can’t perform presently themselves yet remains responsible for. Put simply, a subcontractor serves as an additional branch to lean on for support, undertaking part of a larger project.

The subcontractor isn’t managed or supervised by the contractor, instead, a proposal or brief will be provided and the rest is left to them. This makes it crucial that you choose a reputable external supplier who has a track record in delivery. The work completed will be conducted ‘as if they were you’ leaving you as the hired contractor to focus on providing exceptional results to the client. Otherwise, you may risk damaging your reputation as a contractor. 

#1 Improve cost-efficiency

When you take on a new project, you are immediately faced with a dilemma. Do you invest in new equipment and employ specialist staff? Or, do you outsource? Subcontracting industrial services can be highly cost-efficient as you avoid the potential risks associated with specialist in-house projects. 

Did you know, subcontracting has been found to be 20 to 30 percent more cost-effective than hiring staff? So, it’s certainly worthwhile investigating external suppliers before coming to your final decision. 

Of course, if you intend to repeat this specialist component or order, it may be beneficial to invest. However, a new employee and high-specification machinery are major financial investments and could have a detrimental impact on your business – should they go wrong. It’s important to fully consider and explore alternative options available to you. 

why use a subcontractor for your component

#2 Risk-averse

As we’ve already touched upon, taking everything in-house can be risky. So, by opting for an experienced external supplier you can significantly reduce this. Hiring specialist staff and machinery are large-scale, long-term investments. It’s likely you won’t see a return on the investment for quite some time. Inevitably, expanding and bringing everything in-house won’t be suitable for every organisation. So, why use a subcontractor for your component? It’s clear to see it can be a major benefit to a business. 

Eliminate the risk. You’ll be in safe hands with a long-established team of experts. Precision engineering is all about quality and meeting specific requirements, so why wouldn’t you want to work with an experienced firm to achieve this? 

Working on a variety of different projects daily, a subcontractor will have the skills and knowledge to successfully meet your brief. With over 30 years of experience, there isn’t much our Epal Engineering team hasn’t come across!

#3 Access to specialist expertise

Confidently trust the work in hand. When you work with a subcontractor, you are investing in superior expertise. Specialising in a specific field or industry, they’ll be able to advise and support you through certain complexities potentially outside of your knowledge. 

Particularly if you are new to the industry, having an experienced firm backing you can ensure your design is a success. Perhaps there is another technique that would be more suitable or a material you’ve not considered – our dedicated team will be able to help.

As a result of this expertise, the final component is likely to be completed far sooner and to exceptionally high standards – crucial when it comes to precision engineering. 

#4 No minimum orders or long-term commitment

Perhaps you need just one component or a one-time order as part of an overall project. To bring this in-house will likely not be worthwhile but, with a subcontractor, this is not an issue. A minimum order can be highly restricting, particularly if the piece is part of a test project to see if it serves its intended purpose correctly. But, with a subcontractor, there is a level of flexibility that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

Use as and when required – there’s no obligation to sign a long-term agreement with an external supplier if there isn’t a need for one. 

Unless you can keep demand levels consistent, hiring a new employee and purchasing expensive machinery will likely be a costly mistake in the future. Why use a subcontractor for your component? They are there to provide support when you need it – the key is to find an industrial services supplier you can depend on time and again. 

#5 Support large projects

If you are a growing company or operating past maximum capacity then you may need help fulfilling an order. A subcontractor will allow you to take on larger projects as you expand – plus, you can offer additional services to your clients that may edge you ahead of your competitors. This can only boost your reputation as a contractor as you can offer fully rounded custom solutions. 

Often, you may be having second thoughts when offered a large-scale project because the scope of work is far more than you can manage independently. Increase your capacity and move forward as a contractor, taking on more complex work without difficulty. 

#6 Professional results

Trialling a new technique or producing a component using a specialist piece of equipment that you have not used prior could mean the end result is not the one you desired. Precision and quality are crucial within the industrial services industry. If you are unable to provide exceptional results, your client may feel misled by your promises as a contractor. 

But, this can easily be avoided. Keep doing what you do best and outsource where your skills and knowledge fall short. You want to provide your clients with the best possible outcome and this may mean outsourcing specialist services, but in the long-term, this will save you time, effort and money. 

#7 Increased productivity

Taking on a project will inevitably add to your workload, and if you are undertaking a new process in-house then it is likely you’ll be detracting from your business. Increased productivity is, therefore, a major benefit of working with a subcontractor. Empower your team to focus on their specific tasks rather than worrying about unknowns. Ultimately, critical internal projects can be prioritised and completed faster – and to a high standard as a result. 

Employees will feel more valued as they can concentrate on their core responsibilities. And, you can rest assured with the knowledge the outsourced component will be completed to a high standard. 

Industrial services: Outsourcing a component

When you work with a subcontractor, you should ensure you understand what they will deliver to you. In turn, they should also be aware of your expectations – be this time frame, payment terms, the standard of finish and so on. The key is to be clear and concise. 

Furthermore, your subcontractor should regularly update you on the status of the component. You want to be confident in the final result, knowing it will be the right solution. It’s important your subcontracted services are correct the first time, every time. 

If you choose the wrong subcontractor, you may seriously impact your overall project. This could even damage your reputation as a contractor – you certainly don’t want one review to threaten your position in the industry. So, it’s essential you conduct thorough research before enlisting an external contractor. Whilst they may not have anything to do directly with your client, the final component will be a reflection of the quality you produce. 

Epal Engineering

With over three decades of experience, our team never sacrifices quality. It’s what sets us apart and sees our customers returning to us time and again. We always put you first, assisting with the initial design all the way through to the finalised product, ensuring that at every step your expectations are met. 

We are also able to offer excellent prices to our customers – we pride ourselves on being different from other firms across the country. Based in West Sussex, we can carry out all precision engineering services; whatever your requirements, speak to our dedicated team and we’ll be able to help. We can effortlessly handle orders of all shapes and sizes – with such a length of time within the industry, it’s likely we’ve dealt with something similar before!

With a passion for high quality, we’re ready to assist you on your next project. Contact the Epal team today by either emailing us at or calling us directly on 1903 744352. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements and how we can assist you through every step of the process.

Get it right the first time, every time with Epal Engineering. 

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Industrial engineer services: Why use a subcontractor for your component?

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