Our Guarantee


We guarantee that your job will be dispatched on the date agreed at order acceptance.

If your job has drop-shipments, we guarantee that each shipment will be dispatched on the agreed dates.


We guarantee that the quality of our work will meet the requirements set out in your specifications and drawings.

If no specifications or drawings are provided we will work with you to determine the appropriate standards for your work

Terms and Conditions

If changes are made to the job once the order has been accepted then we reserve the right to review delivery dates

The guarantee will not apply if your account is in arrears

Failure to meet Guarantee

In the very unlikely event that we are unable to meet the quality standards or timescales for your order we will make a donation to charity on your behalf. The value will be equal to 20% of the value of the shipment that fails to meet the required standards

In addition, if the quality of our work has failed to meet your requirements we will redo the work at no additional cost

Epal Engineering supports a number of charities and you will have the option of selecting which of our chosen charities receives your donation.