Plant List

CNC Milling of Small to Medium Part Runs


1 x Hass VF1 Travel                                       x510mm  y410mm  z350mm

1 x Hass VF2 SS Travel                                 x760mm  y410mm  z400mm

1 x Mikron UME 560 Travel                           x560mm  y510mm  z400mm


1 x XYZ 3000                                                  x800mm  y300mm  z300mm

2 x XYZ 2000                                                  x800mm  y300mm  z300mm


1 x Robofil 310                                                x400mm  y250mm  z400mm

1 x Robofil 290                                                x400mm  y250mm  z250mm

1 x Charmilles Cut 20P                                   x350mm  y250mm  z250mm


1 x Hass SL20 Spindle Bore 65mm with 1.5 Metre Magazine Bar Feed

1 x Pinachio Mustang 350mm Diameter x 800mm Turning Length


1 x Hurco 425 MK 2                                       x400mm  y300mm  z250mm

1 x Hurco 425E                                                x400mm  y300mm  z250mm

1 x Hurco 425 with P25 Generator               x400mm  y300mm  z250mm


1 x J & S 540P                                                18” x 6” x 8”

1 x Startrite Saw up to 12” Diameter


Just a quick email to say a massive thank you for fitting the new fence on our foam cutting machine, having rang you on a Friday and you were happy to come out and carry out the repairs on a Saturday was absolutely amazing, leaving us with hardly any downtime. As I am sure you are aware any downtime on a machine can be very costly so thanks again, and we will certainly be using Epal Engineering again
Ian Flack
Why do we use Epal?   Simple, here we have a company who produce good quality work to our drawings. We have found their costs are very competitive especially for low volume items that require care and attention to produce. The quality of work is always first class. Should there be problems at some stage of the job one is always kept informed by them and if the problem is of a technical nature one is always able to talk it through and come to a workable and satisfactory conclusion. Always a pleasure to work with all at Epal
Bluebell railway
Herritage Steam Railway
Epal provide us with a cost effective, precision service for our turned, milled and wire eroded products. All delivered in a timely and friendly manor. I would highly recommend using epal.

Simply Performance have been working with Epal Engineering for the last 3 years.Together we have redesigned and improved some classic Jaguar parts that had become obsolete.  We have found Don's knowledge, experience and patience invaluable. As Jaguar spares become more scarce I'm sure there will be many more projects to come.

Simply Performance