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Epal Engineering: The Precision Engineering Firm With A Difference

Here at Epal Engineering, we are incredibly proud of all of the work we have done with our customers, big and small. Over our years in business, we have worked on countless projects creating high-quality, bespoke components for our clients in a whole range of sectors. But what sets Epal apart from the competition? Why should you choose us for your engineering needs? We feel as though we have a few key differences that make us unique. In fact, we believe that you will struggle to find another engineering firm anywhere that does things in quite the same way! So, what are these capabilities that set us apart as a precision engineering firm with a difference? Let’s take a closer look…

Specialist services

We are proud to offer specialist EDM machining and wire erosion services to our customers in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and beyond. We have the machinery, software, and tools available that not many other engineering firms can provide. So, we work on a subcontract basis for other firms, as well as with individual customers to create bespoke precision components that they can’t manufacture themselves. 

EDM (otherwise known as electrical discharge machining, spark machining, or spark eroding) uses electrical discharges to shape and mould a material into the desired component. It’s considered to be a non-traditional technique, as it does not use mechanical force, instead relying on the thermal energy produced by the electrical discharges. It’s a common technique for us to use for our customers who require complex shapes, as it is much easier to achieve tight tolerances and a great end result with this sort of machining compared to more traditional methods using cutting tools. 

Here at Epal, we mainly use wire EDM to produce the outcome that our customers are after. This involves a thin wire, acting as an electrode, used to cut the material into the desired shape. Alongside complex components, it’s also a useful technique for particularly hard materials such as titanium. But, it can be used for any material that is conductive. So, it’s a versatile service that we are very proud to offer from our workshop in West Sussex. 

precision engineering firm with a difference

More traditional techniques 

Alongside our specialist EDM machining services, we also offer more traditional services and techniques, that you may be more familiar with and likely to associate with an engineering firm such as ourselves. The main services included under this arm of our business are CNC milling and turning. 

CNC milling involves using a rotating tool to create complex parts from a customer’s chosen material. On the other hand, CNC turning involves the material or part itself rotating against the cutting tool. As such, it’s very useful for creating cylindrical-shaped components. These two techniques often work together to create very precise components. At Epal, we provide a highly reliable and cost-effective machining service using CNC milling and turning for customers in need of small to medium patch size runs of their components. 

What is the result of this? Finding a precision engineering firm with a difference

So, we offer both EDM machining and CNC milling and turning. But so what? How does this make us different from other engineering firms? For complex components, it is common to require both traditional and specialist techniques to get the perfect outcome. And, we have the machinery needed to carry out all of this work on-site in West Sussex. On the other hand, many other engineering firms tend to focus on just one or the other, outsourcing anything else to a subcontractor. But here, we have all of the services you need in one place! Whether you have a simple project at hand, or need a highly complex component, we are here to help. No matter your needs, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

Even if you require services that we don’t carry out in-house (such as powder coating and finishing), we’ll work with our trusted network of other subcontractors to get the job done, so you don’t need to worry about sourcing this yourself. Overall, we are proud to offer a comprehensive engineering service that keeps our loyal customers coming back again and again! 

Did you know that we also offer design services?

As if that wasn’t enough, we also offer more useful services as a part of our operation. Often, customers come to us because they have an idea, but don’t have the skills or knowledge to bring it to life themselves. Of course, we can help with our extensive range of machining services. But, we also offer a full product design service. If you have an idea that you want to get off the ground, we will work with you on the complete design process. From drawing up initial plans, to manufacturing and perfecting prototypes, all the way up to making the final product, we’ve got you covered from both a design and engineering perspective. Our talented team of engineers know what it takes to design and manufacture a component that is of a high quality, fit for purpose, and exceeds our customers’ expectations. If that sounds like the sort of engineering firm that you want to work with, we would love to hear from you today. 

Conclusion: A precision engineering firm with a difference

At Epal Engineering, we know what our customers want, whether they are looking to us for subcontracting services, or they are an individual business looking for a specific component. As a result, we are very proud to be able to provide this for them whether it’s specialised techniques such as EDM machining, more traditional methods such as CNC milling and turning, or a mixture of both. And, we believe that our additional services such as product design complete the package to ensure that we are providing the full range of services that our customers require.

So, if you’re an engineering firm looking to subcontract work, or you’re an individual or business in need of a complete start to finish service, we promise that you’ll struggle to find such a wide range of capabilities anywhere else! If you think that you could benefit from our services, we would love to hear from you. There are several ways to get in touch with us to discuss your project and individual needs:


Phone: 01903 744352

Phone: 01903 741092

Mobile: 07988693645

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Epal Engineering

Here at Epal Engineering we are really proud of what we do. We are passionate about doing the best job for all of our clients and working to an extremely high standard to make sure they get exactly want they require.

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